Welcome to Clarian – We Specialist Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Australia

At Clarian, your health and well-being are our priority. And in line with our long-life commitment to guarantee better health and well-being to Australians, we offer our services. Our goal is to ensure that you can get access to cutting edge solutions and programs that improve your health.

You can contact us today to start your journey with us.

Our Services

In line with our commitment to ensuring health and well-being within Australia, we offer the following services.


FREE Wellness Consult

At Clarian, we provide Free Wellness services that you can take advantage of. As such, we deeply understand the desire individuals feel to be heard and listened to. As such, we prioritise listening to our clients and paying attention to every one of their needs. We try to understand them, empathise with them, and form a support group around them.  


NDIS Services

At Clarian, we provide NDIS services that you can take advantage of. We do this majorly by adhering to the guidelines set by NDIS. With the aid of the NDIS plan, we would help you identify and achieve these set goals of yours’. Our professionals at Clarian are there to empower participants in these services. The best part of it all is gone to charity though



With our new and improved services, we also offer access to Telehealth. It’s a system that allows you to access health care services from the comfort of your home. With your mobile device or computer connected to the internet, you get to see a health practitioner. Our services here include yoga and Pilates, counselling, physiotherapy, among others.



Our physiotherapists are well vast and certified to deal with issues revolving around physical rehabilitation, sports injuries, health, and fitness as well as therapy. They can not only help you with your joints, muscles. They can also create a wellness plan with you and help you stick to it.



Hydrotherapy helps to treat various conditions with the use of water. It can especially be a great form of therapy for those who have difficulties in exercising on land. Therefore, at Clarian; we offer it to meet the needs of all our clients.


Other Services

Our commitment does not just stop at helping individuals achieve good health and wellness in Australia. Our commitment extends to helping other business so they can join us and contribute meaningfully in our quest to achieve health and wellness. As such, we offer the following additional services.

Medical Business Consultant

At Clarian, we understand that you need to surmount business challenges. And in line with our commitment to ensure that health care is available to Australians, we support your business so you can support Australians medically. We help you achieve organisational growth, stability, and development.

Medial Finance

At Clarian, we are committed to promoting the health and wellness of members of Australia. And we understand that as a health professional yourself, you play a vital role in ensuring this. As such, we offer our financing brokerage services to ensure we can help you achieve your equipment goals.

Classes & Workshops

At Clarian, asides the industry-leading services we provide, we also offer up various classes and workshops. These classes and workshops are available for a token. Our classes include Yoga Fun Flow, Core Express, Yoga Gentle Flow, Express Strength, and Strengthen.

Why Choose Clarian

Our treatment and services are personalised to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience with us. We develop specific plans based on your needs. This way, we can achieve our commitment to improving your health and well-being.

Our services are comprehensive. We provide a holistic consideration of your needs, develop a personalised plan, and ensure that this plan covers every area of your health. This way, you enjoy all-round better health.

Our programs are cutting edge abiding by industry-leading solutions. Our goal is not to provide a short-term fix to the problems. Rather, we strive to solve the issues by addressing the root causes. This way, our solutions are effective and long-lasting.

We round up the effectiveness of our solutions by making it affordable. Even more, we also run a FREE wellness course that people can join. Even when you have to pay for other sessions, they are cheap without constituting any form of a financial burden.


We are in Australia

You can reach out to us through our contact page. We look forward to meeting you.