Classes and Workshop

At Clarian, asides the industry-leading services we provide, we also offer up various classes and workshops. These classes and workshops are available for a token.

Our classes cut across the various categories.

Express Stress and Strengthen

Here at Clarian, we are after all-round physical and mental well-being. That is why we sought to include a class to encapsulate all activities that would greatly improve your flexibility.

In this class, you get to experience a blend of all Pilates-related exercise. This class is open to all and is as well suited for beginners. 

Clarian Meditation Workshop

We enjoin you to come along, take this class and embark on a journey of self-reflection with us. This course has so many benefits attached to it.

By taking this class, you get to experience meditation at its peak. The 4-week course will also help you pick up the tools necessary to relieve stress. You would also get to understand how your body and mind work first-hand.

Subsequently, you would also learn various meditation techniques that would leave you feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated.

With our highly-skilled instructors, you would no doubt get the utmost value out of the class.


Yoga Gentle flow

At Clarian, one of our workshop offerings is the Yoga Gentle Flow. We invite you to participate in our rhythmic and slow yoga flow workshop.

With this class, you will learn how to link breath to your movement. In turn, this will improve your mobility, balance, and strength. You will also get to release all tension within your body while calming the restlessness in your mind.

During this class, you will also experience a guided yet effective relaxation. Through this, you will settle your mind and get your body all relaxed.

Our class here is open to all categories, including beginners.

Core Xpress

Another one of the classes we offer at our organisation is the core Xpress. You are more than welcome to experience the thrill in our perfect blend of exercises inspired by Pilates.

This class will help you focus on how to improve your body balance and strength. You will also get to feel relaxed and give yourself the required self-care you deserve.

If you could use some YOU time, then this class will be your best bet. 

Yoga Fun Flow

Another one of our amazing classes up for registration is the Yoga Fun Flow. In this class, you get to experience an exhilarating thrill. You get to free up your mind and your body by engaging in specific activities.

The yoga fun flow class is packed with activities that would help build your body safely. It would also help you restore your strength through a step by step progression in your body posture.

Our class is very much open to all age range and levels and is as well suited for beginners.