Medical Finance

As a medical professional, getting a loan might be the last thing on your mind. However, in some case, especially when starting your practice, it might be the only option for you. Unfortunately, the lending market comes with various challenges which might make it daunting for you.

There are loads of options. Even more, countless factors come into play when trying to get a loan. Unfortunately, this can turn out to be very daunting for you. Well, not anymore.

At Clarian, we are committed to promoting the health and wellness of members of Australia. And we understand that as a health professional yourself, you play a vital role in ensuring this. As such, we offer our financing brokerage services to ensure we can help you achieve your equipment goals as you plan to promote the general health of the public.

We undertake an in-depth understanding as you plan to get medical equipment finance. The goal is to fully understand your financial situation, determine what you need, and work towards helping you achieve them. We take the work away from you and allow you to enjoy convenience as you finance a purchase. Our years of experience means we can effectively guide you through this process.

Who Qualifies?

A wide range of health care professionals can obtain medical finance. This wide range of people includes:

What Can You Finance?

With our medical equipment loan, you can finance a wide range of medical equipment. They include:

  • Cost of fitting for theatre, home or office, surgery, including fittings, fixtures, labour, and design
  • General, veterinary, dental, scientific, or medical healthcare equipment
  • Used or Nee vehicles including utilities, vans, or buses

How It Works

If you are looking to obtain medical equipment finance with us, you will need to go through the following process. They are.



We undertake an in-depth consultation with you to understand your every need. We will also review your present finances. This way, we can make proper recommendations for you.



We organise every necessary detail for the loan application. From your personal information to your business details, we take charge of it all. Now, we proceed to connect you with a willing lender. You can count on us to secure a loan on your behalf.


Sign the Document

Now, we ensure that you have a document ready for you to sign. We also ensure that the document reflects all the terms of the arrangement and are favourable to you. Once you sign them, you receive the loan sum through which you can make the necessary purchase.



Next, you begin to make the necessary repayments as you might have agreed to in the agreement. Depending on the arrangement between them, you might pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Our Financing Options

At Clarian, we offer a wide range of finance option that you can maximise. These options include:

Chattel Mortgage

With this option, you use the equipment you financed as security for the equipment loan. The great thing is that you already have ownership from day one.

Hire Purchase

With this option, you get the equipment on hire on a promise to make regular repayments. Then, as soon as you complete the repayments, you get ownership.

Other financing option includes leasing, line or credit, and mortgage, among others.

Apart from these financing options, you can also obtain an interest rate that is either fixed or variable. Your repayment option can then either include your interest and principal or interest alone.

Why Choose Us

We do not ask you to take a risk with us. Instead, we invite you to join us and enjoy the best financial services. The factors that place us above others include:

This is not just another financing brokerage service. We are a passionate service provider with great interest in your business success. As such, this ensures we can go the extra mile to ensure we cater for every of your equipment loan needs.

We have a track record of success with medical equipment finance. We are not a novice as we understand the technicalities of the market. The great thing is that thanks to our experience, even within the healthcare sector, we can ensure more success.

You will be amazed by our access to the lending market. We have access to a wide range of lenders that can cater to equipment loans at faster rates than you need. This also means we can offer you better rates.

We do not just stop when you get the loan; our support span after the whole process of obtaining finance. And that is why we ensure that your documentation is all in order. We also support you through the repayment stage. This way, you enjoy a seamless experience.

So, if you are looking to get an equipment loan, you can contact us. We would always be available to help.