Our physiotherapists are well vast and certified to deal with issues revolving around physical rehabilitation, sports injuries, health, and fitness as well as therapy. They can not only help you with your joints, muscles. They can also create a wellness plan with you and help you stick to it.

At Clarian, we pride ourselves in delivering quality services to our clientele. That is why in the sessions, we would get to know you and your concerns, answer questions about your condition.  Subsequently, we would develop your health goals and wellness plan that would help you to actualise your goals. You would also get access to various resources to aid your therapy sessions.

What Do Our Physiotherapists Do?

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled and understand that the body should be treated as a whole, rather than individually. In doing this, some of the approaches employed by our physiotherapists are:

  • They educate and advise you on healthy living. They also tell you more about your day-to-day practices and how they affect your health and well-being.
  • They provide tailored health services to you, recommend exercises and practices that would strengthen your various body parts and drastically improve your health.
  • Our Physiotherapists are also skilled in offering therapy sessions to clients who are suffering from some sort of bodily pain, stiffness. They also encourage better movement of the body of clients.

Who Can Benefit?

We at Clarian understand that all individuals are unique and have diverse concerns. Hence, we would not hesitate to give tailored advice to suit our client’s needs.

We believe we are highly skilled and can provide quality service to ease your pain, and ensure that you are in a perfect body shape to live and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Our seasoned physiotherapists are, literally, a call away. They are ever ready to proffer a soulmate to any form of pain you are experiencing.

Some of the conditions are our physiotherapists can help you manage include health conditions affecting:

  • The bones, joints, and muscles; problems relating to a sprained ankle, muscle imbalances, work injuries etc
  • The nervous system- problems relating to circulation and movement stemming from a stroke
  • The heart and blood circulation; rejuvenation after a heart attack
  • The lungs and breathing

We cannot overemphasise the importance of physiotherapy. Therefore, we take it very seriously as we have also come to realise that it can help not only to improve your body but also prevent further injuries.

What to Expect in Your First and Subsequent Sessions?

At Clarian, we care about you and want to listen to you. Just like all our other services, your physiotherapists are genuinely interested in knowing what is wrong with you. As such, he or she will ask you questions regarding your health and address all your concerns.

Subsequently, a health and wellness plan tailored to your health issues will arrive. You and your physiotherapist will then embark on the journey of actualisation these plans.

If there’s a need, you will also get scheduled in manual therapy and exercises. You will also be given access to various resources that would help improve your body.